Family and Matrimonial Solicitor

Facing relationship breakdown is never easy and with emotions running high it can be daunting to have to consider what is best for the children or what to do about the family home, the pensions or other shared assets.

Whatever the difficulty it is important that you know where you stand as soon as possible.

Twomlows have vast experience helping clients with a variety of financial backgrounds, some very complex, some more straightforward. With a practical but sympathetic approach we give you the hands on advice you need to make informed decisions about the range of issues you will have to deal with.

Twomlows can guide you through the Mediation process and represent you in negotiations and Court proceedings should they become necessary. Our objective is to guide you to an outcome which best meets your needs, is fair and enables you to move on with your life.

Our Experience includes:

  • Proceedings For Divorce Or Judicial Separation
  • Proceedings for divorce or judicial separation
  • Disputes about the family home or business
  • The division of the family assets and pension sharing
  • Claims for maintenance
  • Disputes about children
  • Disputes between unmarried couples
  • Separation Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements